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Enabling the BAM Excel Add-In for Excel 2007

Much has changed in the GUI from Office 2003 and earlier version to Office 2007. For many, menu option are hard to locate. This post is meant to be a short pictorial guide to one way of enabling the BizTalk Server 2006 BAM Add-In for Excel 2007. I’ll assume that BAM and Excel are already installed.

What we need to do is to add it to the ribbon so we can access it. We do that by going to More Commands…

This will open the Excel options dialog box and from there you can select Add-Ins. You should see Business Activity Monitoring listed.

Next, select Manage: Excel Add-Ins, and press Go… This will bring up a familiar dialog where you need to check the Business Activity Monitoring Add-In.

Having done this the BAM Add-In will now be accessible through the ribbon and you can edit your BAM Activities and Views.

1 thought on “Enabling the BAM Excel Add-In for Excel 2007”

  1. I Installed Biztalk 2006 R2 and MSExcel 2007 , but i not able to see Business Activity Monitoring in Add-ins
    Kindly help me


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