BizTalk, ESB Guidance

ESB Guidance Exception Management and Pro BizTalk 2006

The Exception Management part of the ESB Guidance was first introduced (to me at least) through the book Pro BizTalk 2006 by George Dunphy and Ahmed Metwally. I didn’t immediately make the connection, but when looking at the ESB Guidance solution something felt familiar and as it turns out I had seen it before. So for those of you that are wondering what the ESB Guidance holds as far as Exception Handling and Management goes – but haven’t had the time to sink your teeth into it yet – if you have read and understood the Exception Management scenario within Pro BizTalk 2006 (pages 225-250), you understand the basics of what the ESB Guidance Exception Management does and the goals of the implementation. Some of the text and images in the book, when compared to the ESB Guidance documentation, is exactly the same. The ESB Guidance however contains more than is covered in the book – in fact, in addition to the part that the book describes, it also contains an implementation for the parts that the book does not describe, but mentions as design goals for a complete Exception Management scenario built upon BizTalk and the Messaging and Orchestration sub-systems.

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