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BizTalk Server Operations Guide

A valuable resource for anyone involved in the implementation and administration of a BizTalk solution, particularly IT professionals. The guide provides detailed information for planning a BizTalk Server environment, as well as recommendations and best practices for configuring, testing, maintaining, monitoring, and optimizing this environment.


After browsing through it I find some things kind of “blah”, simply selected parts of the help file put together in a new format, while other parts really does provide guidance that goes outside the contents of the help file, certainly worthy the term valuable resource. The contributors list includes names such as Ahmed Metwally (Pro BizTalk 2006) and Darren Jefford (Professional BizTalk Server 2006) to name a few. The BizTalk Server Operations Guide also has alot more content then the earlier released Developers Guide to Troubleshooting (Note: I’m not comparing them, they are aimed at different groups of people for different situations, but it’s the last thing released as a complement to the core documentation named to be a guide). Weighing in at a healthy 627 pages I wouldn’t recommend you to read it straight through, but I’m definatly going to read selected parts. Another great addition to the already competent BizTalk Server documentation.


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