Are you a collegue? Would you like to blog here?

One of the cons of working for a large company such as Logica is that you don’t really know your collegues. Those closest to you and those you have worked with or met at social getogethers you have a fair concept about who they are and what they do, but with a company with several tens of thousand of employees the vast majority is simply out of reach. So, if you are a Microsoft BizTalk Server specialist or Microsoft architect or developer or just all around nice guy and happens to have the same employeer as I do, I invite you to host your blog here. Note: This blog is run on a completely personal basis. Views, opinions and content are those of the individuals themselves and is not sanctioned or sponsored, and might not always be shared by, the company we work for. With that said, should you happen to work for another company, but be active within our areas (of expertise rather then geography) in Sweden, you can still host your blog here if you’d like. We’ll help you get started.

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