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Linklist: Installing Microsoft Operations Manager 2007 for BizTalk

The aim of this linklist is to keep track of the links and locations I used to download and install Microsoft Operations Manager 2007 and Management Packs for BizTalk, and thus can be used by others for the same purpose.

  • System Center Operations Manager 2007 – Main site at Microsoft.

  • Review Licensing and for more information about licensing read the informational brief. Operations Manager is not an expensive product. It even comes packaged together with SQL for a reasonable cost. Check the link for the latest updated information, on purpose I wont use precise amounts, but roughly it’s $500 for the server install (or $1300 with SQL) and another $30 – $400 for each machine to monitor, depending on the demands of that machine. If it’s a BizTalk machine it’s $400. Compared to the Enterprise License for BizTalk which is $35,000 – it’s hardly worth mentioning.

  • Get the Eval version – Go here to start the process of downloading the evaluation copy of Microsoft Operations Manager 2007. If you are a TechNet Plus or MSDN subscriber, perhaps you’d rather download the full, non-evaluation, copy from there.

  • Get OpsMgr 2007 MOM 2005 Backward Compatibility Management Pack Update – you need it for the management packs we’ll install later.

  • Management Packs – Get your management packs of choice from here. There are quite a few to choose from and I’ve selected only the few I considered important in my case. Those are…

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003 Operating System Management Pack – for monitoring the operating system.

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 Management Pack – for monitoring the database.

  • Microsoft Biztalk Server 2006 Management Pack for SC Operations Manager 2007 – for monitoring BizTalk Server.

  • You cannot install Operations Manager on your XP or Vista development machine, it must be installed on a machine (or VPC) with Windows Server 2003 and SP1. Consider downloading a Virtual Hard Drive as a starting point, for example one with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2.

  • SQL Server 2005 is required, SQL Server 2000 is not enough. Get a trial of SQL Server 2005 here or make sure the vhd you get comes with 2005, which as far as I know (at this point in time) all except the ones featuring 2008 CTPs do.

  • Some key points about the server environment you are installing to. It should not have Windows Sharepoint (if you have it uninstall it using Add/Remove Windows Components), but it should have Powershell. It should also have IIS (install using Add/Remove Windows Components), .Net 2.0, .Net 3.0  and a sufficient version of MDAC, equal to or later then 2.80.1022.0. As opposed to some other installs I’ve seen, MOM actually has a very good pre-requisites check complete with links to the installs your specific environment is missing. Above I just mention what I consider are the main ones.

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