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BAM Poster available at Microsoft Download

The BizTalk Team announced that a new poster, the BAM poster, will see the light of day. I really like the posters that have been released as companions to the BizTalk Server documentation. I’m not really the graphical guy, at least not when it comes to creating graphics, but that doesn’t stop me from being just as critical as the next guy when it comes to reviewing graphics created by others 😉

For something that is said to “provide an overview of the entire BAM life cycle”, and since it contains other types of data flow, I would have liked to see something about partitioning and archiving. I see that as an important advantage of BAM, to get an thought through process for data handling out of the box. At least, that’s the story I would have added on top of what is in the poster if I would be explaining BAM to someone. Or is that to low level?

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