Hit the ground running WSE Adapter Links

Recently I had the (questionable) pleasure of working with the WSE Adapter for a POC on a BizTalk Server 2006 Environment. I thought I’d post my shortlist of links to enable you to hit the ground running if you find yourself in the same situation:

  • Of the things you can access from that site the most interesting one is the WSE Adapter Walkthrough.

  • There are also links to the WSE Adapter Download, as well as SP1. You have to run them both.

  • As a pre-requisute you need WSE 2.0 SP3. SP3 is one download which you can run directly. To be able to run the Walkthrough you need the full version, but for servers you can just get the re-distributable (which is also included and installed as part of the full version that also contains the SDK and Visual Studio .NET functionality).

  • Although Visual Studio integratation is included this is intended for Visual Studio 2003 and won’t do you any good if you are running Visual Studio 2005. There is no service pack for that. But then again you neither need or miss it.


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