.NET 3.5, Learning

Getting up to speed with .NET 3.5

If you haven’t had the opprtunity yet to dive into the .NET Framework 3.5 there is a training kit from Microsoft covering the enhancements to the Framework. There is also this other training kit that covers a larger part of the .NET 3.0/3.5 Framework and Visual Studio 2008. Using Live Search to look for training kits unfortunatly reveals that there aren’t that many training kits around. Too bad. There should be more. It’s a good way to start learning a new technology on your own.

Talking about Live Search, Microsoft is really trying their best to get more people using their Live plattform. The latest offer I’ve come across is searchperks – where you get points for searching the web, which you can then redeem for something that you wan’t. If you are a really busy searcher you can get stuff like xbox controls.

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