Amazon plays it safe or "How RESTful.NET traveled to Sweden in 8 days"

We ordered Jon Flanders new RESTful.NET book from Amazon US. It was a tough choice. The local supplier had it on their site, but stated that it would take 26-40 business days to deliver. Amazon UK was slightly better, but not by much since at the time they didn’t have the book marked as in stock either. And with the shipping options and cost if was more expensive by a more than slim margin. Amazon US was second best priced, if anything Bokus has really good prices. But in this case that was worth nothing when they couldn’t deliver. The shipping options to Europe aren’t great at Amazon. Expedited international shipping costs $18 and was said to arrive in 8-19 days. Even though they had the book marked as in stock at the site the first order confirmation I got informed me that the book would be shipped 8 days after I placed the order with an estimate arrival of December 24th. The actual time it took before it shipped was 4 days, according to my second confirmation. This time I got an estimated arrival of December 31st.

But here I am, it’s December 11th and I’ve got it in my hand. Amazon plays it safe.
I’m all for that; better to get a good surprise than a bad one. But I feel they are in risk of loosing customers with that approach. But then again, the customers they do have will be happy customers.

However, with that said. At this point in time, a couple of weeks later than we ordered, I highly recommend you to get this book from Bokus if you are a Swedish resident, since they now have it for delivery in 5-8 days. Cheaper than Amazon, and without the cost of shipping it from the US.

Now I’m looking forward to get some reading done.

1 thought on “Amazon plays it safe or "How RESTful.NET traveled to Sweden in 8 days"”

  1. Long? I consider it quite fast for an overseas shipping. Above expectation 🙂 Even the ones I had before Amazon did their part to keep my expectations down.


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