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Cleanup BizTalk Servers MgmtDb

I’ve previously blogged about cleaning (emptying) the MsgBox database, something that can be useful in some scenarios, like development and test. While looking for something else the other day I found information about an equally useful procedure, again mainly in an development environment. Speaking for myself I can say that there has been a number of time where I have just wanted to start from a clean slate with my development BizTalk Server installation. Just remove all ports and other deployed artifacts and start from a clean slate. Do NOT run this in production, and be careful that this is REALLY what you want even when running it in another environment.

According to the documentation:
In the BizTalk Management (BizTalkMgmtDb) database, there’s a stored procedure named dbo.adm_cleanupmgmtdb. If you do run this stored procedure, all the entries in the database will be deleted.

It was documented in this article, which wasn’t really on topic with the other content of the page:

Nostalgic off-topic link: For some reason I always come to think about the starting sequence for “Anslagstavlan” when talking about clean slates. This link is completely irrelevant to BizTalk, it’s swedish television from the 80’s.

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