INTEGRATE2018–BizTalk (Hybrid Integration)

Paul Larsen and Valerie Robb presented on BizTalk Server.

Some of the highlights and most important parts of the session were the fact that the end of mainstream support is closing up on previous version of BizTalk Server.


They also went through the features of the Feature Pack 1 & 2 talked about the upcoming FP3.


The key focus for FP3 is new adapters. Among those O365 mail, calendar and contacts. This were demo’ed using the added OAuth service that has been connected to the ESSO service within BizTalk.

The team is also keeping up with new CU’s.


There were a number of things that have advanced statuses on the BizTalk uservoice that were not covered in today session that I hope are still given some love.

BizTalk has more then one forum, but the general forum one is here.

The team blog is here.

The BizTalk Server core documentation’s root folder is here, while the FP2 configuration and walkthroughs are here. If you have BizTalk Server 2016 Developer or Enterprise (with Azure EA or SA) you can download the Feature Pack here.

Johan Hedberg comments: For me BizTalk is more and more a part of the Hybrid Integration story, rather then THE integration story. So far the on-premise data gateway is far too limited to be a replacement for all of the on-premise integration needs that exists within mature established companies today. As the Integration Service Environment (ISE) gets established and the possibility to connect to vnets and through that more broadly, while still securely, connect to on-premise resources this might be of lesser importance as the technologies progresses, but today it’s note there. However, I do not think that Logic Apps coming to Azure Stack will be a major thing for the role of BizTalk, but I could be wrong. Time will tell.

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