INTEGRATE2018–Azure (Service Bus) eventing and messaging

Dan Rosanova talked about and showed some numbers and features of Azure Event Hubs and Azure Event Grid.

There are an amazing and insane number of messages being handled by this service today.


In Clemens session he talked about the difference between Messaging and Eventing (among other things).

messaging vs eventing

Dan went into more detail talking about what Event Grid is for…

what event grid is for

…and what the core concepts for Event Grid are.

event grid concepts

As well as what Event Hubs are and how those work.





This table gives a high overview of some of the concepts of the services and their differences.


In a very over-simplificated picture of the differences between grid and hubs you can say that Event Hubs is for Fan In and Event Grid is for Fan Out scenarios. They are different tools that works well for different things. There is no one tool that works best for everything and in that sense there is no one service that works best for everything.


Johan Hedberg comments: The fact that there is no once size fits all or no silver bullet is as true as always. Especially working with cloud services there is overlap in what the different services offer. You can see how you can solve a problem regardless if you choose service A or B. The services we are using today in many cases are not the services that we began with. They just didn’t feel like the right fit as we started of. However as we tried and tested and monitored and evaluated our way through them, we found the services that worked best for us – were most stable, supplied the best throughput and latency and kept the costs low. For several of those scenarios we today use Service Bus services. Even if we didn’t start there. This to me highlights another benefit of cloud services. It’s just, in most cases, so easy to actually try a new services. Also, to keep on the Service Bus / Messaging topic, these services feel very mature and very stable at this point in time. Monitoring is not always easy though, although the metrics you need are there. You just need a good way to gather, react on and display them. Being at INTEGRATE2018 we should probably take that chance to look more at the features of https://www.servicebus360.com/