What you can expect from this blog

I think starting a blog merrits an introduction. This isn’t the first time I’ve jumped on the blogging train. The first time was actually back in 2004, though that time I decided to do it in a more closed circle. My blog back then was (still is) hosted on msn spaces and available to my msn contacts only. I’ve since moved on and don’t use that msn account any more and the content of that blog is outdated.

I title myself a solutions architect, or perhaps an integration architect, working within the sphere of products and technologies coming out of Microsoft and the Connected Systems Division. I appreciate certifications as a learning path and have aquired a few over the years. In Microsoft certification terms I’m an MCP, MCAD, MCSD, MCTS and MCPD.

Expect to see me deliver posts with technical content in the CSD area, mostly around BizTalk. At the moment my main focus apart from that of my customer is ESB Guidance and BizTalk services. I will however also post interesting tidbits from my daily work and articles about things I have found or have been asked about.

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