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Getting Messenger into Community Server 2007.1

See the little Messenger status icon under the News section in the sidebar? You can use that to contact me. If you click it it will open up a web messenger style dialog in a new browser window allowing you to either sign in with your Live Id or post a message anonymously (I’m allowing that for now).

If you want this on your site you can find out how at the Messenger blog. Basically you go to your online Messenger Settings and choose one of three styles, the little messenger window where you can chat directly in the same window as the blog, the staus icon look and the button look, which is a status icon and your display name inside a button. You then get html code to paste to whereever you want it.

I wanted the later, which of course was the one I couldn’t get working. The first obstacle, being new to CommunityServer, was finding out what to do to get something in the sidebar. I found this blog post, saying that you could basically put anything in the News section. Sounded easy enough. The example is from an older version of CommunityServer, things look a little different in the version I’m using, but the idea still works. When I pasted the html and clicked save though, it got formatted into html special characters text making the actual code appear on my blog instead of the meaning it represented. Finding out why that happens was a matter of another search, locating this forum post, explaining how to alter the configuration to allow for the script tags to pass unchanged. I did that. I also added in the attributes of msgr:width etc to the div tag. Since the configuration file is xml I also added a namespace declaration for the msgr namespace. I finally got the code as it should be, but the button still won’t show up. I suspect it has something to do with the class of the div that contains it, or perhaps it being inside a ul tag. Not sure. For now I settled on the status icon instead. If anyone has insight into how to get this to work, feel free to share.

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