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BizTalk SFTP Adapter

A while ago I wrote about different kinds of file transfer protocols that contained the acronym FTP in one way or another, and what they really meant. I mentioned that I had worked with these different protocols. Now the BizTalk Adapter that we used for SFTP has been made available online by Mikael, who was the one responsible for developing it. Considering what the going rate is for BizTalk adapters I’d say that this is highly generous. I know of at least one company that charges several tens of thousands of dollars for their BizTalk SFTP Adapter. Why not save a buck or two for the projects release party? The only thing I have against this adapter is the SharpSsh library it uses, which is a port from Java that has resulted in some C# code that I just don’t like. However I must say that we have been using it in production for some time and it hasn’t failed us yet. As usual though, don’t take my word for it. If you plan to use this adapter test to see that it fits your requirements (as you should with everything in your solution). Read more here.

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