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Pure Messaging Acknowledgements – Follow up

This post is a follow up to my previous post Delivery Notifications outside Orchestrations – a pure Messaging approach. The sole reason for this is to provide a downloadable demo and a walkthrough of that. The demo features a solution with one pipeline component and one passthrough pipeline using the component. It also contains a bindings file to configure the ports needed. Like I said in my first post, there really isn’t much to it, but here it is…and this is how you get it running:

  1. Build Blogical.Shared.PipelineComponents.

  2. Copy Blogical.Shared.PipelineComponents.dll to <biztalk_install_dir>Pipeline Components and add it to the GAC.

  3. Build and Deploy Blogical.Shared.Pipelines. By default it deploys to the BizTalk Application AckRequired.

  4. Open the BizTalk Adminitration Console and import the AckRequired.Bindings.xml file in the solutions root folder. This will give you one receive port with one receive location

    and two send ports.

  5. Configure the FILE adapter settings on the ports.

  6. Drop a file for the AckRequired Receive Port.

  7. Notice the file that goes out through the send port and the ACK that goes out through the other send port.

  8. For more information read the original post and explore (what little there is) of the sample.

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