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Note to those who comment – captcha enabled

Due to an ever increasing amount of spam I installed the (Ajax enabled) captcha control for CommunityServer 2007 written by Brendan Tompkins today. The installation documentation was clear enough, kinda. It still took me a little bit to get it working. At first, however I configured it, it just wouldn’t show up. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong – double checking my configuration I was sure I hade it down right. As I went to review the source code I noticed what caused the issue. It had an if (!Page.Request.IsAuthenticated) in there causing me, an authenticated user, to never see the captcha. At that point all I had to do was logout, and there it was. So now when you comment on posts on any of the blogs on this site, you have to fill out the captcha (if you haven’t created an account and logged in – but who does that?). Also note that I moderate all anonymous comments, so they wont ger published until I say so – usually within a day.

As I sidenote, I experienced something when trying to download the file that I haven’t experienced before. When downloading with IE the file came down corrupt. Someone tipped about using a simple downloader named WGET. When using that the file got down correctly and I was able to open it ok. Strange thing…

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