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My first blogging landmark passed

I’ve read alot of posts on how to interpret and evaluate your blogs statistics, most lately Scott Hanselmans post entitled 7 Blogging Statistics Rules – There is a life after page views so I realise and agree that how many people has visited your blog isn’t everything. I’ve had ClustrMaps from the start and that’s what I’m using as measurement in this case. ClustrMaps definition of visits are hits from unique ip adresses during a 24 hour period. I think it’s a good definition as oppsed to hits or something else. The landmark I’ve passed is probably small and insignificant to all of you veteran bloggers out there. Still, I can’t help but to feel a little happy that I’ve passed 1000 visitors. And I’m just getting started… To celebrate the event I put the feeburner subscriber count up on the blog, although I feel a bit silly doing it since some of the blogs I myself read have 27000, and I have 27. I don’t have a wide enough subject to get a really wide reach, and that isn’t the goal. I don’t need alot of subscribers, I just need the right ones. And hopefully my posts can help or amuse someone out there. Have a nice weekend all.

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