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BizTalk Server 2009 CTP goes public

Finally. Ever since being told of a rough estimate of the date it was to be released I’ve been waiting for it to come. And now it has. Read the official word at Steve Martins blog. Get it here. ESB Guidance 2.0 is here.

It took a while longer than I originally expected. Still, it’s been available as a TAP for awhile, and with it the details of the features contained within, so there are no real news or suprises there, but it will be good to get your hands on it. And lots of folks are and will of course blog about the event as well, so there is really no point of iterating the features again.

 When installing Windows Server 2008 to run BizTalk Server 2009 on your image, remember that you can configure it as a workstation, it’s been blogged about here (don’t miss the pdf download) and there is a KB available as well.

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