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BizTalk Server futures–Presentations from TechEd North America

I have already relayed this information to so many, and given the links to more, that I though I’d put them up here for easy access. There is much and more to be written about the content, but I’ll settle for this. Information has been available around BizTalk Server 2010 R2 for some time, but it got much more real and saw some things unveiled not previously mentioned or detailed. In short:

Application Integration Futures: The Road Map and What’s Next on Windows Azure: Video Slides

Building Integration Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk On-Premises and on Windows Azure: Video Slides

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BizTalk Server 2009 CTP goes public

Finally. Ever since being told of a rough estimate of the date it was to be released I’ve been waiting for it to come. And now it has. Read the official word at Steve Martins blog. Get it here. ESB Guidance 2.0 is here.

It took a while longer than I originally expected. Still, it’s been available as a TAP for awhile, and with it the details of the features contained within, so there are no real news or suprises there, but it will be good to get your hands on it. And lots of folks are and will of course blog about the event as well, so there is really no point of iterating the features again.

 When installing Windows Server 2008 to run BizTalk Server 2009 on your image, remember that you can configure it as a workstation, it’s been blogged about here (don’t miss the pdf download) and there is a KB available as well.

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Reorganizing… again…

So my employeer is making a small organizational adjustment, to follow market trends and to adjust to the rest of the company, making the company more normalized in its organizational structure throughout. It happens once a year or so so you kinda get used to it. This time it actually feels more understandable than before though. Not because I can say that I think it was needed (I dont spend time thinking about such things very much) but because there hasn’t really been any noticeable change since we were bought (or merged) and I think most of us have been expecting one. As always on a local level it mean less then it sounds, my experience is that it’s business as usual for us and the change is more or less restricted to the management level. This time however it has a more direct impact on my closest surroundings. The (Microsoft) ‘Enterprise Architecture and SOA’ group I belong to will cease to exist and will be merged with two other groups ((Microsoft) ‘Solutions Architecture’ and ‘Java Architecture’) to form a new organizational unit under the name ‘Solution Architecture’, and a new manager. I like my current group composition and my manager, but then I do my new manager as well and I’m hoping that the closer relationship to the Java people will be educational. I’m sure it will will turn out that it’s just business as usual this time as well. And I actually feel more comfortable going by the name solution architect than enterprise. The latter implies to much strategy and higher level issues to me, while the former feels more suited to the technology affinity that I would like to keep.

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Welcome autumn

Now that autumn is upon us there is no better start to the fall then BizTalk User Group Sweden and the upcomming event with Jon Flanders. It feels good to start the fall after a prolonged summer vacation with a fun event and meeting up with friends, people of similar interest and other likeminded. See you there!

I would also like to use this post to mention two other events that I find noteworthy.

Myself I have been on parental leave/vacation. Everyone that has or has had small children know that being on vacation with children doesn’t really mean sleeping in or sitting in the sun sipping some favorite drink or having a cold beer reading your favorite computer book and/or novel or writing blogpost. Still, really fun times – I wouldn’t have traded it for any number of posts. Speaking of which – I have several in mind, I just have to find time to get them down, stay tuned 😉