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Welcome autumn

Now that autumn is upon us there is no better start to the fall then BizTalk User Group Sweden and the upcomming event with Jon Flanders. It feels good to start the fall after a prolonged summer vacation with a fun event and meeting up with friends, people of similar interest and other likeminded. See you there!

I would also like to use this post to mention two other events that I find noteworthy.

Myself I have been on parental leave/vacation. Everyone that has or has had small children know that being on vacation with children doesn’t really mean sleeping in or sitting in the sun sipping some favorite drink or having a cold beer reading your favorite computer book and/or novel or writing blogpost. Still, really fun times – I wouldn’t have traded it for any number of posts. Speaking of which – I have several in mind, I just have to find time to get them down, stay tuned đŸ˜‰

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