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2008 popular posts

So, a year passed. Year-end statistics are always fun. However I really need to make sure we have additional statistics available, as it stands now, stats are somewhat too sparse to give really meaningful feedback.

I’d like to highlight a few posts that people seem to have found interesting (based on the stats I do have):

Although the comparison might be a little unfair, since the items in the beginning of the year has obviously been online for far longer then the posts done during the latter part.

Also the Blogical SFTP Adapter at Codeplex, maintained by Mikael Håkansson and myself, has raised people’s interest as well.

Lastly two of my more recent articles about mapping patterns: Appending new records to existing (looping) records and Using a message as a lookup and merging data, for the short time they have been online has surfaced as popular.

Good bye 2008 🙂

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