Applied Architecture patterns on the Microsoft platform geographic spread


BizTalk User Group Sweden organized an event the 8-9 of September that was marketing branded as the European BizTalk Conference and featured no more than 2 US BizTalk MVPs and a member of the SQL Server CAT Team. Richard Seroter, Stephen W. Thomas and Ewan Fairweather. They delivered an impressing 13 session over the course of two days featuring content from the new book they co-authored – Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform (Sample chapter is here). A crowd of roughly 150 people from an amazing 13 countries (among them around 10 MVPs) listened attentively as they delivered patterns, technical insight and lessons learned on topics such as BizTalk Server, Windows Server AppFabric, Windows Azure and SSIS. To top it off the whole thing was recorded and will be made available through MSDN. People walked away happy, wearing nice giveaway polo shirts. A gang of three was even more lucky as they were picked as the winners for a MSDN Ultimate subscription giveaway. Did I mention it was free?! Url of event is here: http://bugs20100908.eventbrite.com/

UPDATE: Presentation material from the event is here (this leads to BizTalk User Group Swedens main site, look in the bottom right corner). I will update again with URL of recordings once they are available.

Map is courtesy of Eventbrite, which really is a wonderful service, especially if you are a non-profit organization like a user group.


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