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Nische television in Sweden

Many computer interested individuals, although admittedly not all, are also interested in science fiction. Therefore, for those of you watching swedish television might appreciate the fact that TV4 is starting a new science fiction angled channel. I hope the content will be good, and not get to retro, showing only the 60,70 and 80’s classic versions of science fiction simply because it costs less to purchase the rights to show it. I like new science fiction better, mainly because the picture and audio quailty is so much better, it helps that it looks more futuristic than for exmaple the 60s Star Trek. It certainly sounds like a simple enough idea – so much so that I wouldn’t be suprised if it became a success. Although science fiction might not be everyones first choice, science fiction viewers are often pretty hard code and loyal. Just take the trekkies for example. You won’t find me watching it though, mainly because it’s not available at my supplier, but maybe you will?

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