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BUGS – BAM Session 2 – Samples

Here is the demo code, and presentation (in swedish) from the BAM talk I gave at the BizTalk User Group Sweden event on the 20th. Thank you all who attended, and to Precio for hosting it. Please contact me with any questions you might have about the samples, how to get them running and how best to go forward to utilize the benefits they demostrate. I’ll add an additional blogpost as soon as possible, describing the sample code. But until then I just wanted to put the code out there for you to look at if you would like to. This download does not include the Purchase Order demo that I used to demonstrate aggregations, that’s part of the Business Activity Monitoring Training kit, which I highly recommend, and that you can get here. It also does not include the WCF Calculator Interceptor sample, which is part of the BizTalk Server samples that Microsoft provides, get that one here. Also check out Mikaels post to get the BAM Session 1 slides and demo code, and read the explanation at the site (also in swedish).

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Vote for TechDays in Sweden

If you’re from Sweden, and I guess mainly if you live and/or work in Stockholm (although I’m unsure at this point), and you don’t have the possibility to go to TechEd or PDC and would like to get the chance to get some of that technical content delivered closer to home, take your chance to let Microsoft know. Visit the swedish msdn website and make your vote heard. I’d probably go, and I’d be willing to present.

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Slides for the ESB Guidance presentation are online

On February the 12th me and Mikael Håkansson did a presentation for the BizTalk UserGroup Sweden on ESB Guidance. The slides we used for that presentation are now, perhaps somewhat later then I would have liked, online for your viewing and re-using pleasure. Download them from and more specifically this blog post. Note: Slides were given to a swedish audience and the text within them is in swedish. If you would like us to come to your site to explain ESB Guidance to you please contact us using the information within the slidedeck.