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Travel: MVP Summit 2011 and Canada, or why you should never make the mistake to tell Customs you are there for business (unless you REALLY are)

While travelling to MVP Summit me and Mikael took the opportunity to visit our friend and fellow BizTalk MVP Kent Weare. This also saw us participating in a mini-BizTalk conference delivering sessions to Kent’s company. See Kent’s post here.

The presentations were “complementary”, which did not go down well with customs since I had the bad judgment of putting down business and personal as my reason for the trip (and since I was going on to MVP summit which is on that fine line between business and personal as well). It’s the most I’ve ever heard a person repeat the same couple of questions phrased in different ways in one single short conversation. I guess I finally passed though since I did get let into the country. Either that or those Canadians aren’t as pesky with visitors as the border officers let on 😉

I did a variation of the same presentation that I did in November for the Swedish BizTalk User Group. “A few things about mapping”, since mapping is one of those areas that I see so often used and yet so often misunderstood or at least poorly understood as far as the underlying mechanics and usage patterns.

The presentation is uploaded here. Oh and even if the weather was way colder than necessary (as in thank good for the art of chemistry and little hand warmers) I had a really good time skiing in Banff and Sunshine. Thanks everyone for a great time in Calgary, especially Kent and Melissa 🙂

As far as summit goes it was just great to see everyone again. And it was great to see the leaps Microsoft are taking in the cloud services area. This years summit had a better session layout than last years, and all in all better, more interactive sessions, with great access to fellow MVPs and Microsoft product groups alike. I almost didn’t make the trip at all, packing and taking in a cab in the neck of time, but that’s another story. I am glad I did!


Attending TechEd Europe 2010

I’m attending TechEd Europe on the 8th to 12th of November. I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Berlin, although I’m looking forward to the former more than the latter. If you want to wish me a happy birthday, or talk about technology or successful user groups look me (or Mikael) up. Mikael will be doing a session while I’m just there to drink in the knowledge, networking, atmosphere and free beer. Hey, after all, it is my birthday…

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Preparing for PDC 09

I’ll be there. I’m happy about it. The sessions looks promising, although I have to say that the functionality of the website as far as scheduling goes really blows. There it no way to visualize your schedule, and no way to export it to your outlook calendar or even to something like Excel. That I’ve found to this date.

There are three sessions awarded with the BizTalk keyword (listed in my order or interest):

Microsoft BizTalk Server Futures and Roadmap

Learn how BizTalk Server 2009 lets you focus on writing the code to do the hardcore business logic and let BizTalk take care of moving the data. Hear how your development skills with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) work seamlessly with the powerful integration platform of BizTalk. Find out how BizTalk aligns with the Microsoft application server in the longer term.

Queuing and Publish/Subscribe in a Heterogeneous Environment

Queuing and publish/subscribe are common patterns for building loosely-coupled, distributed applications. Learn how to use Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) the new Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 routing service, the Microsoft .NET Service Bus, and Microsoft BizTalk Server to easily connect heterogeneous systems. We then introduce AMQP (the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol), an important new open standard for interoperable message-oriented middleware, which will reduce the friction in connecting heterogeneous clients. A real-world scenario shows AMQP in action, connecting WCF, Microsoft Excel, and Java-based clients.

Connecting Applications with the Microsoft BizTalk Enterprise Service Bus

See how the BizTalk Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) enables you to build services that can be quickly located and connected, whether they live behind the firewall or in the cloud, without creating a brittle point-to-point link. Learn how to dramatically improve the service lifecycle of development, testing, and deployment by using the powerful messaging, routing, and transformation capabilities of the BizTalk ESB in your solution today, and get a glimpse of future plans for BizTalk service bus/pub-sub pattern

The team talks about the upcomming BizTalk content at PDC09 here.

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Since all the cool kids are hanging out at Twitter, I am too. I’m slightly late to join the party, but at least I made it.

With the upcomming TechDays I meaned to keep it updated with my experiences during the conference, however my Xperia X1 smartphone has become broken just in time, and my loaner is a 3 year old sonyericsson with no internet capabilities, so we’ll see how that goes. My alias is JoHed.

Although you should expect my Twitter space to update much more often then this blog, We’re also just starting up two new BizTalk projects, as well as doing some really interesting internal work, so I’m sure I’ll continue to have lots to write about here as well.

Another announcement worthy of being mentioned in the blog as well as on Twitter is that not only did I recently pass my WCF exam (70-503), I also did so in time before begining to teach the WCF course I had scheduled to start this week. It’s a multi-week engagement taking place in the evenings, with the goal being that people will have a try at the certification, so we’ll see how that works out. I have high hopes.

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PDC08 Review presentation notes

Thank you to those who came and watched the PDC08 Review presentation that we did. The presentation slide deck will be sent out through email this time instead of being posted here, since as I mentioned it’s made up of 60-70% recycled slides from the PDC slide-decks, and I don’t want to distribute that from this site. Instead of using my sample code to get started I urge you too look at the links to the most important video for that topic as well as the links provided to whitepapers, SDK’s and toolkits throughout the presentation. If you have any questions feel free to call or drop me a line.