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BizTalk, OpsMgr and Triathlon – What have they got in common?

Canadian BizTalk MVP Kent Weare.

At the 26th of august the BizTalk User Group Sweden had Kent over to deliver two sessions around System Center Operations Manager and its Management Pack for BizTalk Server. The sessions were separated by a networking and food pause and delivered to a group of around 75 people. Together with Johan Hedberg (me!) and 35 others he also completed the Stockholm Triathlon participating in the Microsoft SQL Server Fast Track Team (newspaper slideshow (in swedish) here: (Named persons not featured). Url of user group event is here. Blog post by Kent is here. Presentation slides can also be found at the BizTalk User Group Sweden site (look in the lower right corner area).


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April post-swebug-event resources, part 2

Slides and video for Paolo Salvatoris End-to-end performance testing session is not available just yet, we’ll let you know when. I’ll update this post and also post a tweet on Twitter.

UPDATE 1: First (of two) videos available here.
UPDATE 2: Second video available here. Slides for Paolos session are here.

One of the things he talked about was that a new version of the Hyper-V guide for BizTalk Server 2009 was forthcomming. It’s available now.

Other news was that the official release date for BizTalk Server 2009 (at least in Sweden) is April 27th – although it’s available through MSDN subscriptions already, and has been for awhile.

To see some pictures, go here. Also see the Twitter chatter, search for #swebug.

In related news I have noticed that usage of Eventbrite has spread in the BizTalk Community. It’s really a great tool and one I can highly recommend.

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April post-swebug-event resources, part 1

Slides for last wednesdays session with Brian Loesgen and Alan Smith – Development & Administration Best Practices are available through the BizTalk User Group Sweden site here. Check the lower right corner downloads.

UPDATE: Video available here and here.

We used a customized version of the floatzam application and took some pictures of people as they arrived and had tweets, rss and flickr pictures appear on screen live during the period leading up to event starting. All good fun. Not too many saw it though.


I will updates this post when the videos are uploaded to channel9.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures from wednesdays and thursdays events.



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Upcoming speaking engagements

I’ve been blessed with quite an active speaking schedule over the next couple of months. I’m happy to have been trusted with the talks, and look forward to giving them.

  • The 10th of February is the BizTalk User Group Sweden, and a talk about the new features of BizTalk Server 2009, geared towards BizTalk developers wanting to get the low-down of the new stuff. I’m (hopefully) co-presenting this talk with Mikael Håkansson. The slots for the talk is full, but we have a waiting list that is also an overflow list. If the overflow is of a sufficient size the talk will be repeated the week after.

  • The 11th of February I’m giving an Introduction to REST talk, as part of an WCF seminary at an corporate internal gathering.

  • The 6th of March I’m giving a talk about Windows Azure for Informator in Stockholm, see details (in swedish) and sign up here.

  • The 17-18 of March is TechDays 2009 Sweden. I was excited about this event way back in April of 2008, and am glad to able to present a session about BizTalk Server 2009, aimed at .NET Developers curious about BizTalk as well as BizTalk developers interested in the new features. I’m co-presenting this session with Mikael Håkansson. Our talk is at 14:30 on Tuesday, don’t miss it! Also a thanks to Alan Smith for making this one happen.


TechDays 2009 will among also be visited by the BizTalk User Group Sweden for which we will have a booth at TechDays. Stop by to say hi, learn what BizTalk Server is and can do for you, or get the chance to get our view on BizTalk Server and related questions you are having. The goal is to keep the booth manned at all times, so there will always be someone there. Hopefully someone who will be quite busy 😉

 Finally, I’m currently set to be holding a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) custom onsite course delivery, sketched to be running one day per week through March. Should be interesting.

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BUGS – BAM Session 2 – Samples

Here is the demo code, and presentation (in swedish) from the BAM talk I gave at the BizTalk User Group Sweden event on the 20th. Thank you all who attended, and to Precio for hosting it. Please contact me with any questions you might have about the samples, how to get them running and how best to go forward to utilize the benefits they demostrate. I’ll add an additional blogpost as soon as possible, describing the sample code. But until then I just wanted to put the code out there for you to look at if you would like to. This download does not include the Purchase Order demo that I used to demonstrate aggregations, that’s part of the Business Activity Monitoring Training kit, which I highly recommend, and that you can get here. It also does not include the WCF Calculator Interceptor sample, which is part of the BizTalk Server samples that Microsoft provides, get that one here. Also check out Mikaels post to get the BAM Session 1 slides and demo code, and read the explanation at the site (also in swedish).