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Recent and upcoming BizTalk User Group Sweden events

Some time ago, back on the 20th of November, Richard Seroter visited BizTalk User Group Sweden and talked about BizTalk, SOA and leveraging the cloud. His talks are now live on channel9, part 1 and part 2. A short blogpost explaining the talk is here.

It was great fun to have Richard visit, although some (most) of the laughter and clapping that your hear on the videos is really due to me making a pantomime Richard imitation outside of the frame of the video and should not be credited to him 😉

Getting the videos published wasn’t lightning fast due to some unfortunate circumstances and personnel changes. Hopefully that will be all ironed out by November 26th when Charles Young swings by us again, this time to talk about the Business Rules Framework. I’m sure it’ll be a classic. Take the chance to say “I was there”. There are still slots left. Sign up here.

Should you happen to pass by Sweden and have an interesting Connected Systems topic that you would like to talk about feel free to drop us a line.

Or as Richard commented his visit on his blog through this sentence taken totally out of it’s context 😉 “If you get the chance to visit this user group as an attendee or speaker, don’t hesitate to do so.


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LiveMeeting presentation tools

I just finished delivering the last of the modules of 6461A: Visual Studio 2008: Windows Communication Foundation, through a mix of on-premises and distance delivery, for a group of roughly 30 people. All that’s left is a little wrap up. Previously on Windows Vista I’ve had my A2DP bluetooth headset working, but I just simply couldn’t get that to work on Windows 7. So I got a new toy, the LifeChat ZX-600.


I can recommend it for delivering LiveMeetings or Webcasts. The sound quality is good, the device is unobtrusive allowing movement (which is a problem with a non-portable microphone) and it works nicely for Windows 7 although the product info page doesn’t explicitly say so.

I use it together with my Presenter Mouse 8000 (which also works perfectly both on Windows 7 without its co-delivered USB transmitter) as the hardware part of the tools I use when delivering courses as an MCT or otherwise.

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April post-swebug-event resources, part 1

Slides for last wednesdays session with Brian Loesgen and Alan Smith – Development & Administration Best Practices are available through the BizTalk User Group Sweden site here. Check the lower right corner downloads.

UPDATE: Video available here and here.

We used a customized version of the floatzam application and took some pictures of people as they arrived and had tweets, rss and flickr pictures appear on screen live during the period leading up to event starting. All good fun. Not too many saw it though.


I will updates this post when the videos are uploaded to channel9.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures from wednesdays and thursdays events.



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Webcast on BizTalk Server and Team Foundation Server

I haven’t blogged about it, though Mikael has mentioned it, but in conjunction with the BizTalk User Group Sweden meeting I released a webcast about how to use BizTalk Server 2009 Beta 1 together with Team Foundation Server 2008 to automate build and deployment of your BizTalk Server based solutions, it’s on channel9, check it out. The slides from the usergroup meeting, dealing with the samt topic as well as the news around BizTalk Server 2009 Beta are here. Also Mikael has an article, detailing the solution, and making available the downloadable code.

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Orchestration pattern videos

The second part of the Orchestration pattern seminary that Charles Young did for us at the BizTalk User Group Sweden at our december meeting is now live on channel9 and can be viewed here. The first part, which we announced here, is available for viewing on channel9 here. Posted with the help of the Microsoft Swedish MSDN Team. Thanks to all involved for making this happen – with a little luck we should be able to do it again (that is, record our meetings and get them posted to channel9). They seem to be popular.

 Although Charles talks about patterns, and useful such, you might be looking for even more. I recommend the BizTalk Server Orchestration Pattern Wizard available on codeplex. And also check out the download that on top of the sourcecode and other things contains videos explaining the included patterns by Jon Flanders.