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I’d like to inform you of…

…what? Do you get it, I certainly don’t. All I got yesterday when opening up my laptop after standby was this (se image below). Apparantly it’s an error, at least that’s the title of the dialog, but then again the icon is informational. But hey, I didn’t really have much choice, I wanted to know what lay behind – I took the Red pill and pressed ok.

As PDC is approaching, do you want to take the red pill and learn what really goes on behind the scenes? If so then check out the The Devil’s Field Guide to the PDC, although I’m not entirely sure he got the whole red pill / blue pill anology correct – but that might be just my interpretation.

If you at this point are asking yourself “Hey., whatever happend after you pressed ok!?” – I’m sorry to dissapoint you, nothing happened. Which in itself doesn’t really do the red pill / blue pill analogy justice either…

1 thought on “I’d like to inform you of…”

  1. Ok, so I might have a beta or two installed. But don’t even get me started on the general state of my laptop… I really should re-install. I’ll get to it, any day now…


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