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SOA and Business Process Post Conference DVDs arrive in Sweden

For those of you who like me attended the Microsoft SOA and Business Process conference in late october 2007 you might have been waiting for the post conference DVDs. And it feels like we have been waiting quite awhile. Perhaps the US participants have gotten them earlier and it’s just the international mailouts that are taking the extra time. Anyways, I am off to watch some of the content I missed. For those of you who didn’t attend and won’t be receiving a DVD you have two choices. Either borrow from a collegue or watch the selected webcasts published online at TechNet Spotlight.

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.NET 3.5 Certifications in BETA

I got inivited to do the beta exam 71-504: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – Windows Workflow Foundation. Once in a while I get these kinds of invites, those of you who are certified and have reached a certain level and/or participated in beta exams before know what they are. Given my experience from beta exams from the past they are usually much longer then your regular exam, often containing up towards 90 or so questions making you busy for a bit longer then the run on the mill exam. With betas running now the exam itself will probably go live sometime this spring or early summer, although the exam site says March. As my primary interest at this point in time is BizTalk, I have a fair understanding of workflow, but it’s been two years since I was involved in actually doing real-world projects in WF and back then it was in beta. I’ll probably not do this exam, especially since the beta period runs through January 4th, and I’m on vacation. I’d much rather do the beta exam for Windows Communication Foundation, but so far I haven’t seen any invite for that. Full list of current and comming certifications is here. So far there seems to be no practice tests available for these new exams for those of you who like that learning path, but I’m sure they’ll popup soon after the tests become available.